In memory of Antiques on 8

Antiques on 8 was Houston’s newest and most exciting antiques neighborhood. It existed for the mutual benefit of Houston’s antiques community: owners of antiques, antiques dealers and their patrons, design professionals and finally for the antiques themselves. Antiques on 8 was not a flea market nor an outlet for reproductions and ersatz. It was a place to see and learn about antiques that offered the opportunity to take ownership of and responsibility for the preservation of artifacts that are a testament to our culture and our civilization.

Its founder believed that antiques are ours to enjoy and care for today, a way to honor the past but also a treasure to preserve for the future. That ethos was reflected in what our dealers offered and how they viewed their mission. As antiques enthusiasts first and foremost, they devoted their time and centuries of combined experience to a search for things worth owning. The fruits of this labor of love were here at Antiques on 8 to enrich your life.

Explore no more our acre of antiques under one roof: from furniture, lighting, art glass, paintings and oriental rugs to clocks and watches, jewelry, silver, scientific and musical instruments, tools, western paraphernalia, clothing, Civil War era relics and other militaria, Americana and decorative objects of incredible variety. Never again learn from our exhibits, share knowledge with our dealers and gain a better understanding of our joint heritage, expand a collection or start one, furnish your home or office with items that reflect a unique personality and that tend with time to increase in value. Seek elsewhere expert advice on care and maintenance of your antiques or bring your patient to another in-house repair center.

View old in a whole new way, but in other ways that matter ever the same: nothing lasts forever.

John R. Eckel, Sr. in November 2013.  Copyright (c) 2013 Mitchell Simon, used with permission.

John R. Eckel, Sr. Dec 22, 1922 ~ Jan 2, 2014